PUBG Mobile Still Needs Approval From India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to Relaunch


While PUBG Corporation may have approval from one government agency in India, the company has another hurdle to overcome before its popular battle royale mobile game PUBG Mobile can officially return to the region, and according to one report that hasn’t happened yet.

On Nov. 21, PUBG Corp officially registered “PUBG India Private Limited” with India’s Ministry of Corporate Affairs, creating a legal entity to operate in the country. But according to a report in InsideSport, citing sources inside the country’s all-important Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), the status of PUBG Mobile has not changed as of this writing, and until it gets approval from this agency, it will not return to the country.

A source told the publication that “there is no change in that stance at this stage.” Another source said that being recognized by one agency is not enough to authorize the relaunch of the game in India; MEITY, the agency that initially banned the game, will also have to approve the game’s return.

“Any banned entity can’t operate just by floating a new company,” the source said. “This even TikTok or anyone else can do. They will have to get permissions from MEITY to operate once again in India.” 

PUBG Corp announced at the beginning of this month a bold plan to return to India, which included creating a new entity exclusive to the country, the relaunch of the game in the region, and the promise of a $100M USD investment in the ecosystem. Prior to that announcement, parent company Krafton announced that the company had partnered with Microsoft to use its Azure platform to provide local data servers and provide data protection.

PUBG Mobile was banned alongside hundreds of other apps with Chinese ties earlier this year because it was published by Tencent Games in the region. Earlier this month, India banned an additional 43 mobile apps with ties to China, as tensions between the two countries continue to mount over an ongoing dispute over territory between the Chinese and Indian border.


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