Our Awesome Home Theatre Demo Room Tour. A room to die for!

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Our Awesome Home Theatre Demo Room Tour. A room to die for!First of all, as Enzo said because we have been so busy this video is a bit delayed and the room no longer exists…BUT a new room (and studio 🙂 ) is on the way.For this that experienced it this room was stunning the sound and picture was about as good as it gets and blew a lot if industry experts away.So here, Enzo takes us on a tour of the incredible 5000 lumen, 24 channel immersive experience room. Wait till you see what’s in this room! The look and sound of it was incredible and the next room will be even more so. This room was built not so much perhaps for aesthetics (you can’t see much of the room when the lights go down 🙂 but its all about sound and image quality. It was also our “R&D and testing room” so its not necessarily always perfect.Whats in this room?Projector Barco Balder native Cinemascope !Lumagen Radiance Pro 4242LCR speakers – Procella P28Surround Speakers – Procella P6VAtmos Speakers – Procella P5 on swivel mountsSubwoofers 4 x REL PredatorsProcessor Storm Audio ISP24 Mk II AND OR Trinnov Altitude 16Amplifiers LCR – Anthem M1 – 1000 watts into 8 ohms 🙂 one for each LCR speaker!Amplifiers for the rest 3 x Anthem MCA 525 5 channels 225 Watts into 8 ohmsSourcesAppleTVPanasonic UB 9000Odriod N2 media server/ Nvidia shield 2019Control system Control 4 EA3Remote Control 4 NeeoScreen 171″ Severtson MicroPerforated 2.35:1 screenCustom baffle wallHTE manufactured acoustic panels with speakers built inVicoustic DC2 Skyline diffusersROW ONE leather cinema seatsHTE designed and built through wall cinematic “window”Thor PS10 power filterMiniDSP Balanced 4×2 for use with Trinnov (due to high channel count)HDMI cables Fibber AOC fibre optic cables. Bullet Train and Kords HDMI cables.

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