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Andrew and Enzo unbox and discuss the MadVR Envy Extreme Video Processor.

This is a high end extremely (as the name would suggest) powerful video processor capable of many different functions:

Oh! …..Something we forgot to mention! The firmware updates are done entirely ON LINE, no RS232 or USB and Baud rates. And, it literally takes seconds …..NICE !

Frame by frame DTM, no metadata required
Advanced dual-algorithm scene change detection
Contrast Recovery (off, low, medium, high)
Shadow Detail Recovery (off, low, medium, high, very high, insane)
Highlight Recovery up to 4K24 (off, low, medium, high, very high, insane)
Highlight Recovery at 4K60 (off, low, medium, high, very high, insane)
DTM with 1080p60 HDR
DTM with 4K24 HDR
DTM with 4K60 HDR
AI-based ring-free & artifact-free chroma upscaling
AI-based ring-free & artifact-free image upscaling
Upscaling can be switched to either optimize high or low quality sources
Upscaling to 4K24
Upscaling to 4K60
Upscaling to 8K24
Upscaling to 8K60
Sharp & ring-free high quality downscaling
Aspect Ratios & Front Projection
Automatic aspect ratio and black bar detection
Automatic IMAX aspect ratio changes
Masking for projection screens
Image shift for CIW projection
Advanced convergence correction
Automatic activation of JVC & Sony lens memories (via IP control)
Non-linear Stretch (NLS)
Advanced geometry correction (e.g. for curved screens)
AI-based anamorphic stretch upscaling for 1080p projectors
AI-based anamorphic stretch upscaling for 4K projectors
AI-based anamorphic stretch upscaling for 8K projectors
Artifact Reduction and Edge/Texture Enhancement
AI-based algorithm to reduce compression artifacts
Algorithm to reduce banding artifacts
Edge enhancement (aka sharpening)
Texture detail enhancement
Planned Future Algorithms2,4 (added via software updates)
AI-based motion interpolation
AI-based motion compensated video deinterlacing
AI-based motion compensated multi frame noise/grain reduction
AI-based grain agnostic sharpening
AI-based 4K HDR dynamic tone mapping processing
Additional undisclosed AI-based algorithms and features
32 bit floating point per component processing
Extreme quality dithering algorithm
Smooth motion algorithm for displays with no (or poor) 24 FPS support
Automatic optimization of algorithm quality levels
3D LUT calibration using CalMAN, LightSpace, DisplayCAL, and more
Large 3D LUT w/ 274,625 (65 * 65 * 65) or 16,777,216 points (256 * 256 * 256)
Software updates easily installable via Envy menu
Remote technical assistance from authorized dealers (“madAssist”)
Highly intuitive user interface, true plug-and-play installation in 1 minute
IP control
Frame packed 1080p24 3D support
Remote control included Dual band IR + RF Dual band IR + RF
Supported max output resolutions1 All up to 4K60 All up to 8K60
Power consumption 60W – 350W
AC power input 110V – 240V
AC power frequency 50Hz – 60Hz
Dimensions and Weight
Shipping weight 29 lbs (13.2 Kg) 31 lbs (14.1 Kg)
Rack mount kit available
Rack units RU 5

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