Home Cinema Dreams Shattered and Epic Fails – Andrew has a rant.

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We now see, on average about one very unhappy customer a week coming to us from other stores wanting us to sort their room out and this seems to be on the increase from a few months ago. Yes its increased a lot since we even first filmed this a little while ago!From basic rooms to the most expensive we are seeing the results of people paying their money but getting atrocious, unworkable results and we see the fall out for customers, many of whom have put a significant amount of their savings into their room. A home theatre is not just a bunch of equipment, for it to work it needs to be properly matched to the room and the clients needs. Then it needs to be properly set up and adjusted not to mention properly installed with speakers located in all the right places. Sure you will get sound and picture, but is that what you paid for and is that what your equipment is truly capable of? Surely you deserve the best picture or image your TV or projector is capable of and the best audio your sound system can create.We want to see more happy customers and our industry needs to lift its standards.

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