Elemental was founded in 2017 with just a handful of mates who streamed their gameplay using Twitch and sharing their genuine love for gaming. We started by building our community ranging from the age’s of 14 to 63 and welcoming them into Elemental.

Elemental’s upper management have 25+ years combined as competitive players and 35+ years in the esport’s and gaming industry.
Our experience comes from unpaid volunteered work from management and moderation of clans, guilds and teams, maintain and administration of public gaming servers for both clans and Internet Service Providers such as Internode and GamesOn Net(iinet).

We have a long term vision where we want to help grow individuals and teams into the esport’s and gaming industry.We love to see the success of past players in their endeavors of the esports journey as well as watching their development of their passion for gaming and express it to the rest of the world. We give them a place to grow where they can discover their field of choice as well as mentor/coach the next generation into the competitive scene. Whether you are starting out or fully experienced feel free to join our discord server and say gday!