About Elemental Esports


Elemental Esports was formed in March 2017 with the vision to build an Esports Club with a plan to reward our members and current and prospective followers. In January 2019, Elemental Esports became a registered private company and grew our vision with like-minded people who want a future in the gaming and esports industry.


Our Vision

We plan to create a framework based on a typical life cycle of an individual in the esports and gaming industry. Our 4 tiered framework is centered around education, companionship, and a love for gaming. Starting from Tier 4 and Tier 3, newcomers can find a home at Elemental Esports. We welcome those who have recently entered the gaming community scene or seek new challenges. From casual gaming, graphics and design, streaming, shout casting or commentating, social media marketing, ultimate meme-making, volunteer moderating, or amateur competitive gaming; Tier 4 and Tier 3 is the foundation of our community. Tier 2 and Tier 1 are reserved for our experienced competitive and professional members. As well as battling against the best of the best, we expect our Tier 2 and Tier 1 members to pass on their knowledge, through coaching and educating, to the lower tiers, the next generation of gamers, who are considering a future in the esports and gaming industry. We are a community that promotes growth and success, slowly but surely.

Our Mission

With tiers 4 and 3 in mind and the newcomers to esports. We focus on providing our time to help grow new teams, give them support and encourage sportsmanship and disciplined behavior. By encouraging values and behaviours our players and representatives are creating their brands for the future and passing these easy and natural habits on to the next generation.

Elemental Esports provide an open-door policy to everyone and encourage being open and honest with each other. We do not allow the traditional hierarchical pyramid to get in the way of helping and caring for our players and representatives. We are here to create a family for all walks of life and have fun playing and competing in video games!