Nickmercs added as playable character in COD Warzone 2

Image credit: Activision Blizzard

FaZe Clan co-owner and popular content creator Nicholas ‘Nickmercs’ Kolcheff will join Activision’s battle royale Call of Duty: Warzone 2 as a playable character.

The character is expected to become available to Warzone players on June 1st, and will include custom-made weapon skins and other in-game items, per a release.

Kolcheff is one of the biggest figures in the world of streaming and one of the most popular Call of Duty streamers.

Currently, Kolcheff has more than 15 million subscribers on Twitch and is also a co-owner of esports and gaming organisation FaZe Clan. Kolcheff was also a well-known Gears of War and Halo esports player before the start of his streaming career.

The collaboration between the creator and Call of Duty publisher Activision is the first of its kind. Previously, the battle royale game has included guest characters such as Rambo and Neymar Jr, as well as NBA player Kevin Durant, but this is the first time a character is made to reflect a content creator.

The in-game operator skin created with Kolcheff is expected to be available to players from the start of Warzone 2’s Season 3.5 update, which is set to come out on June 1st.

Terms of the collaboration were not disclosed.

Elsewhere, Kolcheff recently partnered with peripherals and hardware brand Corsair, as well as other brands owned by the company such as Elgato and Origin PC.

Kolcheff is known for his long-term usage of SCUF controllers, a company also owned by Corsair. Kolcheff created a custom PlayStation 5 controller together with SCUF.

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