The day has come ! Take a tour of our new HTE Demo Rooms!

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The day has finally arrived. After 6 months of design, construction and installation our exciting new demo rooms in Perth Western Australia are complete, up and running and calibrated.

We built these cinemas so clients can be invited to come and see what is achievable at a range of budgets from the entry level of the reference home cinema all the way up to the stunning $800,000 Barco, Wisdom, Trinnov, Parasound, MadVR and Screen Innovations equipped Cinema 1.

Room 1 – 11.4.6
Barco Residential Freya DCI projector . Mirror by Visual Fidelity . 180″ SI screen microperf 2:35
Parasound 5 channel THX A51 x 5 (10,000 watts)
Madvr Envy Pro Extreme
Trinnov Altitude 32
Panasonic UB9000
Apple TV
Nvidia shield
Control 4
PlayStation 5
Manhattan seating

Room 2 – 9.4.4
Procella P28 LCR . Procella P6V SURR . Procella P5 atmos
Rel 1205 x 2 . Rel 1508 x 2
Parasound A31 LCR Parasound A52+ SURR
Arcam AV40/Trinnov 16
MadVR Envy Extreme
Panasonic UB9000 . Apple TV . Nvidia shield . Xbox series X
Control 4
Row One ambassador . Row One evolution . Row One Carmel

Room 3
Krix Megaphonix flat LCR . Krix Megaphonix flat Sure
Krix Hyperphonix 45 atmos
Denon AVCX8500H
Parasound A31 (LCR)
Sony VPL -VW790
Sony VPL -590
Benq W5700
Madvr Envy Pro
Xbox series x . Apple TV . Nvidia shield . Panasonic UB9000
Control 4

Some have told us Cinema 1 the best equipped demonstration cinema room in the Southern Hemisphere and we would like to think that is true.

With reviews like this:

“I’ve travelled the world and experienced some amazing cinemas, BUT nothing like this. This has left me speechless and shocked. This is next level and arguably one of the best demo rooms I’ve ever experienced! The bass is detailed and impactful yet comfortable. Felt like I was on a ride.” Mark R

and this:

“Just had a demo of this room. Incredible setup. Extremely dynamic with no fatigue. Clean and effortless sound. I’m very picky with my bass and this is the only demo room I have heard with no bloat. Subtle. Congrats on the room guys. Great investment for your business!”

We think this room is right up there. Come and experience it for yourself.

So, if you are interested in high quality home cinema then drop us a line and chat with us and ask for an invitation to come and tour this great home cinema complex unlike any other.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Andrew and Enzo
Home Theatre Engineering.

00:00 – 00:44 Intro
00:44 – 01:50 Entrance and Candy Bar
01:51 – 03:46 Showcase, Projection Room and AV Rack
03:47 – 07:18 Cinema Room 1 180″ Screen, Barco Freya and Wisdom Speakers
07:21 – 10:16 Room 2 – 5 Projectors, Procella and Krix Systems
10:16 – 11:21 Summary.

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