Home Theater Design. An Essential Step for Exceptional Results

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Home Theater Design. An Essential Step for Exceptional Results

Yes after a 3 month dry spell we have finally found time to get more content out and there is more to come.

Our new premises with some amazing cinema style Home Theatres is making rapid progress and you will see more on this soon 🙂

In this video, Andrew goes through HTE’s process for consistently producing exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Andrew goes through the 10 steps that HTE considers critical in overcoming challenges and delivering astonishing audio and video results. The science, the math, the experience and the solutions that are applied get the to desired end result.

Too many people have systems that consistently underperform. Often it is not the equipment but the application of the equipment in the environment that lets them down followed by a lack of calibration to extract ultimate performance.

No autocal or room optimisation is NOT calibration !

If you are looking to get the very best out of the room and the equipment you have check this video out and see what really goes the planning required for true results.

Remember just because your shiny new system sounds good, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have extracted all the performance there is. This is something we see all the time and we hope this video goes some way to showing how we achieve this.

Design is the first critical step.
Calibration is the final critical step.

We love Home Theatre 🙂


00:00 Introduction and Explanation
03:59 Step 1 – Discussion. Learning about our clients needs, dreams and desires, equipment and room
06:43 Step 2 – Educate and Inform
06:55 Step 3 – Calculate and Measure, room dimensions, room modes, transition frequencies, sub positions, seating positions, speaker specifications and locations, screen size and location, amount of light on screen, projector location and lens optimisation and much much more.
07:50 Step 4 – Building the model
10:09 Step 5 – Hardware selection based on the calculations and the model.
12:11 Step 6 – Design Review
12:25 Step 7 – Implement Changes and test in the model
12:34 Step 8 – Review Changes with client
12:43 Step 9 – Finalise the design (we add fianl changes, dimensions and details etc)
12:49 Step 10 – Client Sign off. Deliver final result. Commence Build.

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