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The Brazilian Free Fire stars Bruno “Nobru” Goes and Lúcio “Cerol” Lima have partnered to create a new organization for the local scene: Fluxo. The team will be playing in the first division of the Brazilian Free Fire League (LBFF) after buying the spot from Santos e-Sports, which partnered with Real e-Sports and will also stay in the tournament. 

Financial details were not revealed, but all investments in the new organization and in the purchase of the spot were made by Goes and Cerol so far. The Esports Observer learned that sponsors are on the way and will be announced at a later date to be determined. 

Goes and Cerol have met in Free Fire and are long-time partners, as Goes was launched to the competitive scene through participation in Cerol’s live streams and then by playing together on different teams. Although the focus now is on Free Fire, there is the intent of expanding the organization to other esports in the future. 

Credit: Fluxo

The creation of Fluxo shows the power that Free Fire stars have in Brazil, both financially and in influence: Goes and Cerol came from Brazilian favelas (a low-income neighborhood in Brazil that is often neglected by the government) and now were able to not only create an organization but also buy a spot from a consolidated esports team. 

Garena’s Free Fire is extremely popular in Brazil, making Goes the biggest gaming streamer in the world in August 2020. The LBFF currently has one of the biggest prize pools in the Brazilian esports scene and will be broadcast on the country’s broadcast TV.


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