Riot Games Unveils a Rebranded CBLOL for 2021 – The Esports Observer


Details on the first season of the Brazilian League of Legends Championship (now CBLOL instead of CBLoL due to the rebrand) as a franchise were revealed by Riot Games on Thursday, in an online press conference attended by The Esports Observer. 

The competition has been completely rebranded, seeking to reconnect with the community while highlighting the competition’s innovative spirit, according to Riot Games Director of Esports Carlos “Caco” Antunes. Antunes also said that this was the start of a new cycle for CBLOL, as a 10-year plan for the league begins in 2021.

Investments in infrastructure, talent development (especially through the newly created Academy league), and content were increased in Riot’s long-term plans. This includes a bigger staff to work in a season with more games than the previous ones due to the number of participating teams, which jumped from eight to 10 while switching to the franchising model. 

Riot also revealed its plans to start the season with games being played remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but will go back to an in-person structure for the championship events if possible. Riot said that it will be ready to make the transition quickly, in as little as one week. 

Although the prize pool was revealed, set at a total of $516 BRL (roughly $97K USD) through two splits in the year, other investment details were not disclosed.

The sponsors for the previous season, Red Bull, Dell, Gillette, and Mastercard, all continue for 2021. The novelty is Nestlé’ KitKat, which enters CBLOL in 2021 expanding its partnership with Riot Games after signing a sponsorship to the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) in 2020.


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