Samsung Signs Samsung As Sponsor For Its Rivals Platform – The Esports Observer


Twitch has signed Samsung to become a new sponsor of its Rivals platform, where the company will activate its Galaxy smartphones by holding mobile gaming tournaments.

Rivals is the tournament series on Twitch that typically involves big-name streamers competing, and this deal will be for the duration of this year and center around Samsung and Twitch putting on co-branded events like the Twitch Rivals Mobile Challenge. That will be an event where top streamers and mobile gamers will play a host of different video games on smartphones. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Mobile gaming is on the rise globally, as it’s often a much more accessible version than playing games on PCs or video game consoles like PlayStation and Xbox. Other elements of the deal include “Mobile Mondays brought to you by Samsung,” which will be a series of tournaments for more casual gamers with case prizes, and the “Mobile Gaming Heroes,” which will be a group of content creators who will host streams and do other videos around mobile gaming. Players during the events will use Galaxy 5G-enabled phones. The deal starts with a broadcast tonight.

Twitch’s sponsorship group has added an array of partners to its Rivals platform over the last year including Verizon, Capital One and A-B InBev.


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