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Indian esports industry veteran Anurag Khurana announced his new initiative, Newgen Gaming. Khurana was previously working as a consultant with Paytm First Games and in the past served as Reliance Jio’s head of esports and Riot Games’ country manager. 

While details on this new startup are fairly thin, Newgen Gaming hopes to bring esports to the masses in India, taking aim at players of all skill levels – from casual and grassroots to the professional level. 

Speaking to The Esports Observer, Khurana touched upon the current gaps in the Indian esport ecosystem and explained how his new initiative looks to fill them. “While esports has surely seen good growth in the past few years, we believe it is yet to come to the masses. The current formats in the country, we think, can be restricting its reach or rather are predominantly focused on pro players or hardcore gamers only, most of the time. With Newgen Gaming, we want to bring in the uninitiated to the esports side as well and leverage that to further the ecosystem of the country.”  

While he did not go into the details of what areas of the industry Newgen Gaming would be focusing on, Khurana told TEO that he wants to take a more holistic approach towards esports in India. “While a lot of entities have been doing fabulous work, I think we can pitch in to get things ahead faster and in a better way. We’ll be starting at the grassroots levels and covering multiple verticals to engage more people and bring more recognition to this industry.” 

Shounak Sengupta is a staff writer for AFK Gaming.


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