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On Monday Misfits Gaming Group (MGG) became the first esports organization to join media company ESPAT TV’s Creative Collective, a consortium of esports-endemic content creators, Hollywood studios, and marketing agencies that will create a variety of content focused on esports and gaming across all kinds of platforms. Last Week ESPAT TV announced the launch of the collective alongside a deal that saw Ridley Scott Creative Group join. 

MGG owns and operates three franchised teams including League of Legends European Championship (LEC) team Misfits Gaming, Overwatch League (OWL) team the Florida Mayhem, and Call of Duty League (CDL) team the Florida Mutineers.

In an interview with SBJ Esports on Monday, MGG CEO and founder Ben Spoont said that it felt good to be the first esports organization to join the group: “We are really excited to be the first esports team to partner with ESPAT TV and we’re going to leverage our sales and partnerships teams. If there is an opportunity for us to leverage our brands and brand deals and theirs into the branded content, then we’re all for it. Although I will say, I think as you see the types of content that are successful on OTT platforms, there’s less brand integrations than normal, but that is not to say that we won’t try to do it.” 

Spoont said that the deal had evolved from ongoing conversations between ESPAT TV CEO Dante Simpson, Misfits Gaming SVP Head of Global Partnerships Lagen Nash and Misfits Gaming Group VP of Partnerships Justin Stefanovic. Much like the RSCG partnership, ESPAT TV approached MGG initially.

As for what MGG expects to get out of it, Spoont thinks that it will provide his organization with access to new platforms, such as OTT,  to create and monetize new kinds of content through ESPAT TV’s connections.

“Well, at a really high level, this deal will focus on new content opportunities for our organization in the mass market, across streaming platforms, with the hope of driving brand awareness and audiences outside our current esports ecosystem while simultaneously driving new streams of revenue for us. That really is it in a nutshell of why we’re doing this deal and what we’re looking to get out of it.” 

As part of the collective, MGG will also play a part in providing insights, feedback, and resources in creating content, even on projects that might not be related to its family of teams, including marketing and brand awareness campaigns.

“Part of this deal is not just us creating ‘episodic shows’ about us,” he said. “This is us using our expertise to help pitch and create original gaming and esports content that lives outside of MGG umbrella brands. So it doesn’t have to be about Misfits, Mayhem, or the Mutineers, our three teams. It could be about a general game series that we will collaborate on with ESPAT TV, advise them, help produce it, bring in the talent and influencers, create it, and help write it. We have a lot of those internal resources already in terms of writing, production, and ideas. Partnering with ESPAT TV, we now have an opportunity and new platforms to go pitch it to and sell it to drive revenue.”


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