The Best Sharpness settings for projectors and TV

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by Home Theatre EngineeringTurn Sharpness DOWN using a test pattern to get the most accuarte result without artifactsTest patterns available here : Website www.hometheatreengineering.comBest book on audio is Sound Reproduction – USB calibration microphone here- to understand HDR – read this – are great projector mountsQualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector PRB-717-Blk Universal Ceiling Mount Grade Projector Mount – Chief RPMAU Projector Ceiling Mount with Keyed Locking—————————————————————————————-Setting up your TV or Projector? Use these starter pack test patterns: from Diversified Video SolutionsEach one includes super accurate industry standard test patterns that you can absolutely trust that include: * Title (This stream includes pertinent information of the test patterns characteristics) * Black Clipping * White Clipping * Color Bars * Color Clipping * Sharpness & OverscanStandard Dynamic Range PatternsDVS UltraHD / SDR BT709 Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) – $12.50 USDDVS UltraHD / SDR BT2020 Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) – $12.50 USDHigh Dynamic Range PatternsDVS UltraHD / HDR-10 Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) –$12.50 USDDVS UltraHD / HLG-HDR Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) –$12.50 USDDVS UltraHD / Dolby Vision Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) –$12.50 USD Complete set of (Professional or Serious Enthuisiast) Video Test Pattern discs/downloads:DVS UltraHD / HDR-10 Test Pattern Suite (.ts/.mp4) DVS UltraHD / HDR-10 Video Calibration Blu-ray Disc v2.0 (Disc)

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