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In October, Argentinian soccer superstar Sergio Agüero launched his own esports organization, KRÜ Esports. Thanks to the popularity of its owner, KRÜ was already born with relevant media power and sponsors such as Twitch, AMD, and Aorus. The Esports Observer reached out to the organization to learn more about its process of creation, how the sponsoring brands got involved in it, and what role Agüero is playing in it.

“The relationship with these brands comes from before the creation of KRÜ Esports. It began when Sergio, during the compulsory isolation due to the pandemic, began to casually stream. They selflessly approached him during this time to help him and a relationship of trust grew with every passing week. When Sergio mentioned his project to create a club they didn’t hesitate for a second and tagged along,” a KRÜ Esports spokesperson told TEO via email, “how the sponsors got integrated with KRÜ was a very interesting process, because way before the idea of a club came to be, they were already there, from minute zero always on board and aware of how things were moving.” It was also clarified that Sergio Agüero built a direct relationship with sponsors, without third parties involved.

Sergio Agüero fills the role of CEO of the organization, even while having his soccer career as his main focus: “He is still a professional football player and wholly focused on that. He was able to build the club and lead its construction during the pandemic, while all activities were suspended. This created a space in time that would have normally not been possible. Sergio [is] fully aware of the role he will play. He understood that he had to surround himself with professionals in each area, and he had to delegate and supervise them so that this concept was fulfilled,” they said, adding that Agüero is a core part of the processes, the “soul” of the organization, even though he “is fully aware that football is his main activity today, but leads KRÜ from the best seat in the house. Clearly knowing his role, letting the professionals do what they do best, and always adding his unique take and ideas so that growth will be sustainable over time.”

The experience of Agüero as a professional soccer player was also highlighted as an important factor for the KRÜ project. As Agüero was part of Premier League club Manchester City’s gradual growth, he “observed the importance of professionalizing the different areas of an organization, finding the right people for each task and understanding the importance of delegating and supervising tasks played a big part in finding the key factors in sustainable growth. Under these premises, sporting success would be much more likely to be achieved.”

Regarding the perspective of other partners joining the organization, KRÜ Esports says that “we are as well in talks with other brands that are as well interested in being part of KRÜ. It’s important for us that these partners share our objectives and the spirit with which we lead our club. We are building these new relationships and we believe that we will be soon making new announcements about future partnerships.”


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