Zenni Optical to Serve as Presenting Partner for BDGG Race to World First Broadcast – The Esports Observer


Zenni Optical is expanding its relationship with esports organization Golden Guardians through the upcoming World of Warcraft Race to World First. Zenni will be the presenting partner for the broadcast of Golden Guardians’ partner guild BDGG as it competes against fellow North American esports-partnered guild Complexity-Limit to be the first group to clear World of Warcraft’s newest raid, Castle Nathria.

BDGG is the rebranded name of Big Dumb Guild, which partnered with Golden Guardians earlier this year, becoming the second high-end guild in North America to do so. BDGG will host daily broadcasts during the race on its Twitch channel, which will also be supported by WoW Head and Raider.io.

This race is significant for BDGG as the guild will be significantly increasing its competitiveness for the World First. Historically, BDGG raided for less time each day than other top-level guilds, but with the backing of Golden Guardians, the guild is able to commit more fully to competing in the race.


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