Projectors. Where are we at?

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First of all apologies for the bad audio. We struggled to get it right for a while but then were running out of time so did the best we could with what we had :-)In this video the HTE guys chat with Matt Walker who was our Australian Rep for BenQ until he went out on his own recently. Matt knows heaps about projectors so we wanted to chat with him and learn what we could. Hope its helpfulTrying to understand HDR – read this are great projector mountsQualGear PRB-717-WHT Universal Ceiling Mount Projector PRB-717-Blk Universal Ceiling Mount Grade Projector Mount – Chief RPMAU Projector Ceiling Mount with Keyed Locking book on audio is Sound Reproduction –—————————————————————————————-Setting up your TV or Projector? Use these starter pack test patterns: from Diversified Video SolutionsEach one includes super accurate industry standard test patterns that you can absolutely trust that include: * Title (This stream includes pertinent information of the test patterns characteristics) * Black Clipping * White Clipping * Color Bars * Color Clipping * Sharpness & OverscanStandard Dynamic Range PatternsDVS UltraHD / SDR BT709 Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) –$12.50 USDDVS UltraHD / SDR BT2020 Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) –$12.50 USDHigh Dynamic Range PatternsDVS UltraHD / HDR-10 Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) –$12.50 USDDVS UltraHD / HLG-HDR Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) –$12.50 USDDVS UltraHD / Dolby Vision Basic Setup Test Patterns (.mp4) –$12.50 USD Complete set of (Professional or Serious Enthuisiast) Video Test Pattern discs/downloads:DVS UltraHD / HDR-10 Test Pattern Suite (.ts/.mp4) DVS UltraHD / HDR-10 Video Calibration Blu-ray Disc v2.0 (Disc)

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