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Mobile battle royale game PUBG Mobile has received an update that makes the download file 70% lighter and the game’s system requirements lower, making it more accessible for new players. The new release will be officially introduced to the audience on Dec. 8 during the Prêmio eSports Brasil, a yearly ceremony that honors esports personalities and organizations in the country. North America’s PUBG Mobile Head of Communications Chris Kramer spoke to The Esports Observer about the novelty.

“It’s a worldwide PUBG Mobile effort in order to make the game even more accessible and democratic for everyone around the world,” he said, “this was mainly a request from our current players to have a more customized experience while playing and we take seriously the mission to listen and give back the best of PUBG Mobile to our players. Adding to the current pandemic situation, mobile gained even more relevance, so this pushed us even harder on this. Furthermore, we hope this can be an open door to new players to give a try to the real and original PUBG Mobile experience.”

Although it will be presented during an event in Brazil, Kramer highlights that it is a “release in sync with the other regions as well.”  Prêmio eSports Brasil is one of the biggest esports events in the country, organized by the communications giant Globo and the investments group Go4it, being broadcast live through Twitch, YouTube, and Globo’s pay-TV channel SporTV.

Having accessibility as one of the main features, Garena’s mobile battle royale Free Fire has counted on a constantly increasing audience in Brazil over the last year. TEO asked Kramer if this fact had any influence on the strategic decision of making the new PUBG Mobile release, and the answer was that “this update is something being discussed a while with the development team based on our current players’ feedback and experience attached to our game mission and values. Any initiative to make games more accessible and available for everyone is always welcome to the market.”


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