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Influencer marketing and talent agency Viral Nation revealed details today on its work with Activision Blizzard to amplify viewership for its Call of Duty League Championship Weekend on YouTube in August using a line-up of popular influencers. 

For this particular campaign Viral Nation utilized such notable personalities as Vikram “Vikkstar” Singh Barn, Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, Luke “iFerg” Fergie, Peter ‘Ogro’ Thorun, ApeX Clan, and Zach Nani, who co-streamed the event on their YouTube channels. 

In total, 12 influencers were able to collectively generate roughly 6.71M unique views for the event, according to the company, and helped the official CDL channel reach 1.1M subscribers (that number sits at 1.2M as of this writing). This was accomplished by influencers creating their own watch parties through co-streaming, providing their own live commentary and reactions to their communities during the event.

In early September, Activision Blizzard said that viewership for the last day of the finals between Dallas Empire and Atlanta FaZe generated a 206K average minute audience on its owned channels.  Dallas Empire went on to defeat Atlanta FaZe 5-1 and earn $1.5M USD in prize money.

Viral Nation did not reveal AMA or VOD views data for its co-streaming efforts.


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