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Immortals Gaming Club subsidiary Gamers Club announced the sixth edition of its Gamers Club Masters Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tournament in Brazil. Promoted as the “Brazilian Major,” the tournament features some of the main Latin American CS:GO teams and a prize pool of $60K BRL (roughly $11K USD). Although it is a mixed competition allowing teams made up of men and women, Gamers Club is also organizing the Women’s Gamers Club Masters II, which is in its second edition and features the same prize pool as the mixed event.

Both competitions have sponsorship deals with Fallen Wear, a brand owned by Brazilian CS:GO player Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo, the CS:GO skins commerce company Nesha Store, and the peripherals brand Razer. Dell Gaming is sponsoring only the women’s tournament. All the other brands, except for Razer, have been sponsors of the previous Gamers Club Masters editions.

Razer Marketing Coordinator in Brazil Pedro Farias explained his expectations to The Esports Observer concerning the new partnership: “We have always supported and followed the organic growth of Gamers Club since 2017, and seeing where we are today is very rewarding. The Masters have always been and always will be the ‘Brazilian Major’ and I look forward to seeing the show that GC has reserved for the entire CS:GO community.”

Regarding the decision of sponsoring only the Women’s Gamers Club Masters II, Fernanda Serrani, marketing manager at Dell Technologies in Brazil, told TEO that “one of Dell Technologies’ missions today is to contribute to the reduction of gender inequality in all areas of society, mainly in the gamer universe, which is still little explored by women”, and that “we understand that we have a fundamental role in the inclusion of the female audience in this scenario. Therefore, partnerships like this are so important for us, as it is fully aligned with our purpose of encouraging more and more the professionalization of the players.”

The Gamers Club Masters VI will be held on Dec. 17 – 20, while the Women’s Gamers Club Masters II happens a few days earlier, on Dec. 12 – 13. Regarding the events and the sponsors supporting it, Gamers Club CEO Yuri “Fly” Uchiyama told TEO, “All sports need sponsors to encourage the growth of our ecosystem, and this is no different in electronic sports. We are happy with the continued support from major brands, as well as the addition of new partners, as this demonstrates that engagement with the community is growing and we are making a difference in our region.”


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