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Garena announced Wednesday a partnership with Google to launch the Play On Challenge in Brazil, a Free Fire competition happening on Dec. 12 featuring popular content creators and professional players, such as Bruno “Nobru” Goes, one of the biggest Free Fire stars in the world. The tournament will be broadcast live on YouTube via the official Brazilian Free Fire channel.

The 12 teams in the tournament, comprised of four players per team, were chosen by Google and Garena based on the players’ region, gender, and race, with the aim of representing the diversity of the Free Fire community in the country. Brazil is the third country to receive the Play On Challenge; previous events included Taiwan and South Korea in 2019, always relying on mobile games to promote Google Play.

Although the tournament counts on the support of the game publisher, due to Google’s ownership of the project the competition will not be broadcast on Garena’s streaming platform BOOYAH!. 

A prize pool for the event was not disclosed at the time of writing.


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