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India-based esports company NODWIN Gaming announced its inaugural standalone Call of Duty Mobile competition, the Call of Duty Mobile India Challenge 2020, featuring a ₹720K INR ($9,731 USD) prize pool, will take place throughout December.

The competition features invitational tournaments for India’s celebrity gamers with a prize pool of ₹72K ($973) and two open qualifier cups each in a 5v5 mode and battle royale mode, with a combined prize pool of ₹648K ($8,458) – ₹235K ($3,176) for the 5v5 cups and ₹413K ($5,582) for the battle royal cups. The winners from the open cups will move on to the Call of Duty Mobile India Challenge 2020 Grand Finals taking place on Dec. 28.

Call of Duty Mobile quickly became a very popular game in India, which is the second-largest mobile market in the world, and recently profited from its competitor PUBG Mobile being banned in the country where around 25% of its global player base came from. Consequently, its publisher PUBG Corporation developed an iteration of the game exclusively for the Indian market, which will be subject to regular audits and verifications of the data storage systems to guarantee personal data privacy for Indian users. PUBG Mobile India is currently in pre-registration.

Note: The Esports Observer used the exchange rate in effect as of Nov. 24 at a rate of 73.9896 INR to 1 USD for currency conversions in this article.


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