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Our partner facility in Washington USA, has second-hand Bitmain Antminer S17 ASICs available for a purchase and hosting package. They come with a 3 month warranty period.

This is a walkthrough guide on how to make the purchase.

Hardware + Hosting Purchase Walkthrough

  1. Visit the Compass website and view the profile of the ASIC mining facility in Washington, USA. Select Host Now.

2. You will be presented with a Order Summary screen that allows you to set your hosting requirements. Since you will be purchasing miners from the facility, you can skip the first section, and go straight to “Do you want to purchase mining hardware?”.

From here, you can select the number of S17 53 TH/s machines that you want to purchase.

Once you have selected the correct quantity, check the estimated total at the bottom. If it looks incorrect, make sure that 0 is selected as the custom power quantity in the top section.

If everything looks good, click Proceed to Sign Contract.

3. The next step is to sign the Compass MSA. This is the terms of agreement for the machines you are hosting in the facility. The contract signing process is digitalized through Eversign. The hosting terms are a 12 month period with a 60 day notice period.

Click Start, enter your details, click Finish and then click Proceed to Payment to visit the next page.

4. Review your order and choose how you want to pay. You can Pay with Stripe and pay through your card. You can Pay with CoinPayments and pay through BTC, USDT and USDC. If you are in the USA and would like to pay through ACH, you can contact our team.

5. As soon as we receive your order, we will process your payment and get in touch with you to get your preferred mining pool details, including stratum URL and pool account name. And then you will be up and hashing within 48 hours.

Have questions?

Follow us on Twitter, join our Telegram group, or contact our sales team directly: Thomas and Pepper.


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